Top websites for summer internship for fresher/graduate students.


What is the best way to look for internship?

To know about the corporate world and industries we had came out from our comfort zone and try to learn practical things about our course and passion. For this we have to find an internship opportunities that were offered by some corporate houses as part-time or full time. The internship should be to your course related or related to your passion, other wise you will loose interest in it soon.

Where you can find your suitable internship!

There are various great websites where you can apply for internship. If you want to work from home then you can opt for the non field work. Internship allow us to explore our potentials and inner strengths that gives us confidence to make our career plans. And also after completing the internship you will get a letter of recommendation and certificates that can be used for the future employment purpose.

Few websites to find internship!


This is the best website for the Indian students looking for internship. The other thing that they will review you CV and interconnect with the opportunities will help the intern to find internship of their choice and in their city. They provide internship from every stream and courses. You can get a look from the below link:


Yes, you can get a internship from here or i can say that it is the platform where you can get connected directly to various on going corporate workers or persons you can get guide from them. In LinkedIn you can also get various post seeking for the internship and job opportunities from field work to work from home, you just have to comment below their post and they will notify you soon. You just need have a LinkedIn account. You can get look from the below link:

Intern Theory

In Intern Theory you will get various internship opportunities. Where you can apply directly from they website they also provide various courses that can help to improve your skills and hence get more opportunities for the internship. They provide internship from various big companies like Disney, Max health care, Microsoft, Wecha, etc. The website link is given below:


This is another great website for Indian students for the internship. They provide internship from various small firms, and small industry as they need interns to grow their business. They also pay high stipend on compare to others. the link for their website is below:

Indian Internship

This site almost provide every internship from the field engineering, management, pharma, medical, finance, commerce. Whatever you are looking for they can get you the internship. Go get a check on their website:

Hello Intern

The name itself welcomes you to come and get the internship you are searching for. This website has a lot of opportunities for the people who are just starting of their career. You can choose a internship from big companies to small companies and also from the non profitable organisations also providing internship here. The link is given Below:

So get and find your dream internship the doorway to your passion and corporate world

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